We provide our clients with an independent and objective measure of how effective their staff are at managing conversations that deliver critical business objectives such as first contact resolution, customer retention, and sales conversion.

Most companies invest a lot of money in measuring the outcomes of these experiences through traditional customer satisfaction surveys or the current trend of NPS (Net Promoter Scores), yet the actual ability to action these insights to drive real change at the point of customer interaction is minimal. Insightful yes. Actionable no.

The key benefit that clients derive from our measurement of the customer experience is the provision of specific, actionable insights that recommend the sales or customer service habits that individual staff and teams need to change in order to drive improvement.

The reporting insights we provide are designed to feed directly into and drive your training and coaching process to enable continuous improvement in the skills and behaviour proven to maximise business outcomes. If your coaching process is ineffective or not present at all, then we can help you with that too.

At Five Degrees all our solutions are designed to build your own internal capability. So click below to explore the 3 core measurement services we can provide and tailor to your specific requirements.

Our industry benchmarking consists of:

  • We mystery shop the inbound contact centre sales teams for most of the largest service companies in the country, benchmarking their capability in using best-practice needs based sales behaviours with ‘The 5 Degrees of Customer Experience’.
  • Currently we run regular industry benchmarks of the contact centre sales experience within Banking, Energy, Telecommunications, Private Health Insurance, Higher Education (Vic & NSW) & Auto-Clubs (i.e. RACV, NRMA etc.). Contact us now regarding how to receive the latest insights into the performance of the main companies within each industry.

We’d love to add to this list! If there’s an industry you want, contact us to find out how we can help.

  • Our contact centre clients provide us with access to their call recordings from actual customer interactions for us to conduct Call Quality Monitoring and provide actionable insights and recommendations for continuous improvement for individuals, teams & the business overall.
  • This is also a great way to sample our services through providing us with a small selection of desired calls for review, where we can demonstrate both the measurement model but also enable you to ‘touch & feel’ the quality of reporting insights and determine its value to your business for yourself.
  • We love running facilitated call calibration and listening workshops with quality teams, managers & frontline personnel to help build internal capability in quality monitoring best-practices and to help the process of looking at your service delivery from a customer perspective. These sessions are a powerful way to step outside of your daily existence and put on a ‘customer-hat’.
  • We work with you to customise monthly, quarterly or 6-monthly mystery shopping solutions for face-to-face, email & contact centre channels, where accounts are not required to identify individual customers. This enables you to work with us on developing appropriate scenarios & customer profiles to test sales & service capability across all your customer contact channels.
  • These programs are the best way to provide a comprehensive set of insights from an independent and objective source for a complete view of your multi-channel customer experience delivery.
  • Particularly beneficial for senior management teams to help drive targeted organisational change from an informed perspective.


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Our classroom training is delivered to shift people’s thinking into the mindset of a customer and with this customer perspective we allow participants to practice in a supportive environment and start the process of changing their customer contact habits and behaviours.

We teach the behaviours required to effectively deliver ‘The 5 Degrees of Customer Experience’ to transform the sales and service experiences provided by staff. It is through these best-practice competencies that staff are able to execute better than average experiences that trigger positive emotions and customer advocacy for the individuals and the brand overall.

The team at 5 Degrees have a range of sales and service training modules to suit every environment and job role where direct customer contact is involved. They also design and customise tailored solutions to fit particular product, service or brand requirements.

Some clients seek the services of 5 Degrees to come in and train all their frontline staff directly, while others use our programs in a train-the-trainer support capacity to help build internal capability for larger-scale deployment.

  • Contact Centre sales, customer service, retention, complaints & collections
  • Non-Contact Centre telephone sales, service & complaints
  • Branch, store & information counter sales & customer service
  • Email & Webmail sales & service
  • Team Leader development programs
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Quality Monitoring Accreditation
  • Call Calibration Workshops
  • Management Listening Workshops


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Where most companies fall down in driving behavioural change with customer contact personnel is that they invest in their training (either internal or with external providers) but then fail to enable transference of learnt skills to a change of habits when they resume their job role.

Five Degrees recognises that to effect real sustainable change, that implementation of a coaching culture is required to enable individuals, operations and companies overall to transform and deliver experiences that drive customer advocacy and impact the bottom line in a significant way.

Our coaching solutions are designed to either develop the internal capability of your own team leaders and coaches to execute best-practice coaching of frontline staff, or for us to do this on your behalf.

Our customer experience consultants have built their careers on transforming the behaviours of individuals and teams to develop the skills and confidence to influence customer behaviours in ways they never thought possible. This impacts not only their performance but crucially changes the way staff view themselves and what they are capable of achieving.

  • On-the-job or offline coaching
  • Individuals or small groups
  • Coach-the-Coach
  • Feedback Delivery


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