Call Quality Monitoring, Mystery Shopping & Benchmarking 

Actionable insights to fuel your coaching process

Call Quality Monitoring

How effective are your conversations with customers in creating strong customer advocates (i.e. high NPS scores) and making it easy for customers to buy from you? What is the gap between your brand promise and the reality of your brand delivery in those key moments of truth when a customer picks up the phone and calls you? Find out with Australia’s #1 Call Quality Monitoring service by Five Degrees.


Quality Monitoring and evaluation is not your core business, but it is ours.

Free your time and energy to focus on driving improvement. We provide our clients with independent & objective monitoring and evaluation of your calls which is critically important to ensure integrity in your metrics and insights.

Do you outsource your Contact Centre? An independent evaluation separate from that produced by the outsourcer themselves is an imperative to arm you with what you need to manage the customer experience delivered by your provider. How insane is it that Outsource Providers are the ones producing their own quality KPI?

Have your own in-house Quality Team? Great! We have extensive experience in working with these teams to build worlds-best expertise from a ‘check-the-checker’ perspective. Our objective monitoring is terrific to drive internal calibration and ensure maximum value is being provided by your team to your business. Our independent reviews can compliment your in-house monitoring program and, critically, give you the confidence and knowledge that it’s all working as it should.

A Team Leader model of assessment is what the majority of Contact Centres get by with. This is fraught with danger and rarely effective unless there is a rigorous calibration and training regime in place to ensure data integrity and objectivity. It’s also not the best use of a Team Leader’s time. Most of their time and energy should be invested in coaching the behaviours needed for agents to change their habits and continuously improve. A listening strategy is certainly important but formal Quality Monitoring is not ideal with its obvious time constraints and the natural inherent bias at play.

We have well over 20 years experience in designing, implementing and conducting Call Quality Monitoring Programs for medium to large Contact Centres in Australia and overseas. We have the experience, the expertise and the evaluation model, ‘The 5 Degrees of Customer Experience’ to help you whatever your situation.  We deliver the actionable insight and metrics you need to fuel your coaching and improvement process.

We review call recordings of customer conversations that you supply for individuals and teams in sales, service and retention. We evaluate your agents use of specific behaviours (approximately 16) within 5 core competencies proven to maximise customer experience and business outcomes. Monthly, Quarterly and annual Quality Monitoring subscriptions are available with great rates based on average call duration and results delivery timeframes needed.

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Mystery Shopping & Competitive Benchmarking

How effective are your agents at making it easy for your customers to buy from you in a way that delivers a great customer experience? Are you missing opportunities to engage with and acquire customers? Where do you rank in sales effectiveness?

Are you converting your hot leads? What about your competitors?

To compliment a Call Quality Monitoring program or as a stand-alone program of work, we mystery shop your Contact Centre Sales Teams as ‘hot leads’ according to targeted scenarios developed either with you or provided by us.

We provide recordings of each interaction we make to your business and the evaluation of these sales conversations for full transparency. They are great to help you calibrate and build internal expertise with your Team Leaders, Coaches or own in-house Quality personnel.

Apart from the mystery shopping of your own Contact Centre, we can also run like-for-like comparisons to competitors that you nominate to benchmark your sales customer experience against.

Our competitive benchmarking reviews and insights will let you know where you stand and also reveal the actions needed for individuals and teams to improve so you can achieve your sales and customer experience ambitions.

Not only do you receive full data for every contact made to your business, you also gain this level of insight around every contact made to your competitors for full disclosure.

Our mystery shopping and benchmarking programs are the best in the business but the great news is, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You have the option of paying quarterly or as an annual subscription to this service for a discounted fee. We run competitive benchmarking in all the key service industries including Internet Providers, Banking, Private Health Insurance, General Insurance, Education (e.g. TAFE’s) + others upon request.

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