Project Description

Pilot Program
We had the opportunity to work with an outsource contact centre provider in Australia, who wanted to develop a tailored needs-based sales process for both inbound and outbound sales for one of their clients – a large telecommunications company.

The pilot program achieved enormous success and exceeded ROI targets with inbound core conversion growth from an average 25% to 41%. Outbound Mobile recontracts growth increased from an average of 37.2% to 89%.

This was achieved through a series of two day facilitated classroom training programs, and a coach the coach program for the Team Leaders to support them in supporting their staff.

Following the training, we implemented a best practice quality monitoring program that incorporated client needs with weekly feedback and development plans for each individual consultant. Direct on the job coaching of 20 staff over a six week period enabled 5 Degrees to individually focus on the elements each consultant needed improvement in, as identified through the measurement and development plans.

This project was a great example of our continuous improvement cycle in action.