Project Description

Webmail copy
Five Degrees conducted the annual customer experience review across service centres, call centre and webmail channels for Vic Roads.

The results for webmail were poor, recording a customer experience result of 58.3%. The results revealed slow response times, inconsistent structure and quality of information, spelling and grammatical errors and no personalised or engaging writing in response to customer’s individual situations and needs.

After the review in the second half of the year, we conducted a two hour customer experience workshop with the team of personnel who were responsible for sending webmail responses to customer enquiries. We went into detail around the key competencies of best-practice email communication and we provided the team with a clear process and structure to elevate the quality of responses provided. The workshop included practical demonstration of how to structure responses and to communicate information in a personalised and engaging manner. Insight into consumer’s expectations for email customer experience were revealed to highlight the impact that improvements in email quality could have on their customer satisfaction.

Follow-up activity included advice re ongoing coaching to the team leaders plus a review of their templates with clear recommendations for amendments which would elevate the quality of responses.

As a result of this activity, and the hard work to continuously improve email quality by the Vic Roads team leaders and their staff, the next annual customer experience review resulted in the achievement of 87.4% for webmail customer experience. This was by far the single greatest achievement of any channel and enabled webmail to be the only channel to achieve the Vic Roads target of 85%. This performance was also reflected in the audit of customer satisfaction where significant improvements were also reported. The Vic Roads email experience is now one where the majority of responses are received within 24-48 hours and where tailored & personalised communication of required information is provided to customers in a professional and friendly manner on a consistent basis regardless of which staff member responds. An outstanding performance.