Project Description

It’s exciting to be working with one of Victoria’s best known TAFE’s, helping them meet the challenges faced by the changing landscape of higher education, attracting prospective students and inspiring them to study with the institute to enhance their lives.

We were commissioned to develop a program that would reach all staff who had interactions with prospective and current students, supporting them in developing new skills in providing best practice customer experience for their students. This was challenging, as the institute has a non-centralised service model with eleven faculties across three campuses.

We worked closely with our client to develop a program around our continuous improvement model, recognising that measurement and training on their own don’t transform the behaviour of staff – it’s the ongoing coaching and support that works the real magic.

We drew a line in the sand with our 5 Degrees Higher Education Industry Customer Experience Benchmark, showing where our client ranked against their competitors and gaining a clear understanding of their strengths and opportunities for focus.

All frontline staff were then involved in classroom training in best practice sales and service, and a group of Champions was established to support staff ongoing through coaching in the new skills and techniques. Frontline staff were further supported through an ongoing program of monthly measurement, development planning and coaching activities both on-site & remotely.

Monthly measurement, made up of mystery shopping and tele-role-plays were utilised for the telephone channel and face to face mystery shopping for the information offices.

The Champions were supported through an ongoing program of Coach the Coach activities and leadership groups were engaged within senior management forums on a bi monthly basis.

The institute has realised an increase of 28% in sales effectiveness resulting in a significant increase in enrolments during a period were the industry has seen a steady decline due to government legislation on several fronts.

Staff development and coaching on effective management of student acquisition has also been recognised through research conducted as well as anecdotal feedback from department heads.