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We have the mechanism to forever change your habits.

Customer Experience Insights Workshops

2-hour onsite workshops facilitated by our Customer Experience Coach, Simon Blair. In these sessions, Simon will take you through the insights and priority actions needed to improve your customer experience and maximise sales and service outcomes.

With live calls made within the sessions and/or a review of call recordings, the workshops are designed to help deliver a customer perspective on the quality of your sales and service delivery.

By stepping out of your internal, operational mindset, you can see things with clarity from the other side of the fence and start to truly appreciate the missed opportunities and latent strengths that exist within your frontline teams.

The outcomes of these sessions is a shift to a customer centric mindset and taking away a set of specific, practical actions you can start to immediately address within your operation. These sessions will provide the clarity, confidence and priority actions required to avoid mediocrity and achieve great business outcomes.

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Group Coaching

At Five Degrees, we don’t teach theory, we teach what works. With more than 22 years of teaching contact centre staff to have better sales and customer service conversations with customers, we are well placed to deliver the type of group coaching that transforms thinking and begins the hard road of changing behaviour.

Coaching for small groups that is engaging, hands-on, and designed to drive action.

Our coach-the-coach and frontline coaching programs are designed to build capability in your frontline team leaders in how to effectively coach and develop staff for continuous improvement and enable frontline agents to deliver exceptional sales and customer service experiences.

Our small group coaching programs are designed to create a customer centric mindset and perspective. We demystify what it takes to engage customers or staff and to deliver customised solutions to individual customer and employee needs.

Our programs start by immediately projecting participants into a customer headspace. We help them to leave their internal, operational mindset at the door and flip their thinking so they realise for themselves the power and positive impact that applying new behaviours in their coaching or customer conversations can have on those they are serving and of course on themselves.

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Individual Coaching

Most investments in sales and customer service training don’t deliver anywhere near the level of impact and sustainable change they promise. Without a structured, post training coaching regime, staff default back to what they’ve always done.

Like a personal fitness trainer, our Customer Experience Coach Simon Blair is uniquely placed to challenge, motivate and support individuals to do things they never thought possible and achieve transformational change.

It is through the regular and consistent coaching of individuals post-training that people find those break-through moments that forever change their thinking and their approach to dealing with staff or with customers.

We take what begins in the classroom during group coaching and spend the time coaching individuals to effectively apply, refine and improve their application of the new methods they have just discovered.

With options for either on-the-job or remote coaching over the telephone, the feedback and coaching we deliver pulls no punches and is aimed to extract maximum potential and performance from participants. This is why it works.

Rest assured though, it is delivered with care and with the full permission of those participants who choose to be amazing in their sales and customer service delivery.

The majority of contact centres deliver poor to average sales and service at best. The lack of quality coaching to drive change is THE single biggest reason for this. There are no half measures if you wish to avoid such mediocrity and elevate yourselves from the pack.

Having the right customer experience quality monitoring and group coaching are critical parts of the puzzle to get in the game, but it is with effective coaching of individuals where you get the chance to actually win.

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