Managing customer objections

In his latest vlog, Simon Blair reveals a 2-step method for managing customer objections and concerns. If you're looking for assistance in measuring, coaching and training your staff or your own customer objection handling process, we can help you! Click here for details.

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The 5th Degree of Customer Experience

Your energy and style of communication used needs to adapt to every individual and every channel of communication. Over the phone, 70% of your communication is imparted more by how you deliver your message (i.e. your tone) than the actual words themselves. When face-to-face, 70% or more of your message is communicated via [...]

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The 4th Degree of Customer Experience

As you move towards the end of any interaction, how do you know that you’ve satisfied the customer and given them what they need? It doesn’t matter if you believe you’ve resolved their enquiry or fixed their issue if the customer doesn’t also share this view! So the only way to know for [...]

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The 3rd Degree of Customer Experience

How many times as customers do we have to suffer through a customer service or salesperson who talks and talks and talks... about all the boring details of their products, as if we care about them as much as they do (think of those telemarketing calls received at dinner time or the [...]

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The 2nd Degree of Customer Experience

Who cares if a staff member is friendly and nice if they are unable to fix our issue or address our needs? The 2nd Degree of Customer Experience relates to the ability of staff to DISCOVER what we are striving to achieve, and is THE most important skill for them to master. Assumption [...]

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