What is the primary gap in frontline management?

Who has the greatest influence on the customer's experience in those key moments of truth when they contact your business?... and it’s not the CEO. There is one job role that trumps all others when it comes to having the biggest impact on the customer experience and the business outcomes that flow from this. Both [...]

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What is the #1 mistake made in sales & customer service?

The quickest way for any organisation to radically improve their customer experience is not to invest in some convoluted change initiative but rather to focus on ensuring their customer contact staff refrain from making the most common mistake made in sales and customer service. More than any other factor this mistake inhibits achievement of key [...]

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Why you should be feeling comfortably awkward

As a coach of managers and staff at the frontline, the greatest barrier to improvement that I see is fear. Fear is one of the greatest inhibitors to growth and improvement. Fear of not knowing what to do, fear of never having done it before; fear of feeling awkward when you’re asked to step out [...]

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Why you should stop looking at your screen

What's not covered in customer service training. The most frustrating thing I see as coach of staff that handle inbound calls is an all too common, insatiable focus on the system and internal process at the expense of the customer. This focus locks staff into boring, repetitive, transactional experiences at the critical point in a [...]

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CX101: Customer Experience Theory

Whether they’re checking out the latest fashion trend, looking for their next car or shopping for groceries, to have any chance of providing an amazing experience for your customers, you have to fulfill 3 main needs: To be heard, understood and cared for. Being heard and understood are the basic fundamentals - get these right and [...]

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What do the world’s best contact centres do differently?

If you manage or support a dedicated inbound contact centre team or a blended operation that takes both sales and customer service enquiries, your key business objectives are to drive first contact resolution, maximise sales and to create strong customer advocates through delivering exceptional customer experience. The challenge for all Contact Centre Managers and other [...]

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Be confident in having no idea.

I spend a lot of my working life coaching staff one on one in the new skills and techniques they’ve learned in our classroom training. I generally begin my coaching sessions with a conversation about what staff don’t like about what they’ve been asked to do (which then gives me a good sense [...]

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