05 Energy & Style
Your energy and style of communication used needs to adapt to every individual and every channel of communication. Over the phone, 70% of your communication is imparted more by how you deliver your message (i.e. your tone) than the actual words themselves. When face-to-face, 70% or more of your message is communicated via your body language more so than your tone or the words you use.

So consciously applying the right energy and style for each sales or service interaction is a key skill in order to effectively communicate and achieve the outcomes you desire. What every customer responds to well is openness, vibrancy and natural language. Customers want to know that they are both heard, understood and that you care. The right energy and style can enable all three of these to occur.

Empathy is the cornerstone of great customer experience and conveys to customers that you can see things from their perspective and validates their emotions. When combined with natural, vibrant tone and delivery, you can stimulate strong, positive emotional responses and feelings of goodwill.

The right energy and style to suit each customer and situation can transform the customer experience and exceed their expectations when dealing with you. This is essential if you want to create strong advocates for yourself as an individual and the organisation overall.