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As you move towards the end of any interaction, how do you know that you’ve satisfied the customer and given them what they need? It doesn’t matter if you believe you’ve resolved their enquiry or fixed their issue if the customer doesn’t also share this view!

So the only way to know for sure is to ask. Do a clear check to make sure the customer got what they need without making assumptions. In sales, if you don’t ask you don’t get. All customers want to know you care and those that still need to make a buying decision often just need to be asked or shown that you would like to have their business. For service, doing a final check directly with them that they have their issue resolved is they key to first contact resolution.

Don’t assume that customers are as confident in what’s going to happen next or what the actions are they need to take, like you are. Take the effort to clarify and confirm the key outcomes of any interaction.

But it’s one thing to wrap up an interaction and ensure the customer got what they wanted and quite another step altogether to do this in a way they exceeds their expectations and leaves them wanting more.

As we know, customer service and sales is ultimately about satisfying emotional needs through the actions you take and the attitude you show in doing so. The aim is to leave a strong final impression to reinforce the hopefully great experience they’ve already had. Showing your true appreciation in a genuine way for their business, for their enquiry, or for their time is a powerful way to finish any interaction.

Don’t forget to thank them and farewell them warmly, and let them know they’re appreciated and not just another customer or another transaction, but as an individual they are important to you and to the organisation as a whole.