03 Solutions
How many times as customers do we have to suffer through a customer service or salesperson who talks and talks and talks… about all the boring details of their products, as if we care about them as much as they do (think of those telemarketing calls received at dinner time or the classic door-to-door salesman).

The 3rd Degree of Customer Experience is in how staff deliver real SOLUTIONS to our problem or needs and avoid pitching product and service features that aren’t relevant to our situation.

So if you want to deliver real solutions, then use your experience and expertise to paint a picture in the mind of the customer.

Show them how using your product or service will fulfil their most important needs. In essence… the way you present a solution should trigger their imagination!

REMEMBER: As customers we don’t care about your products and services, we only care about WHAT THEY WILL DO FOR US.

To put it another way… as a customer, please make it about us and less about you!