02 Discover
Who cares if a staff member is friendly and nice if they are unable to fix our issue or address our needs?

The 2nd Degree of Customer Experience relates to the ability of staff to DISCOVER what we are striving to achieve, and is THE most important skill for them to master.

Assumption is the killer of good customer experience and yet most of our experiences as customers result in dealing with staff who don’t give us the chance to express ourselves and reveal what is most important to us.

The best sales or customer service staff do not make it about themselves and do not make assumptions about what we want. They ask questions and confirm their understanding before providing solutions tailored to our needs.

Imagine going to a doctor who prescribed medication without asking a range of questions and checking your symptoms first. Then why is this so accepted and so common in customer service?

Now some staff are quite capable in asking questions of customers. How often though does this sound like an interrogation? The reason we feel this way is because our expectations have not been managed. We don’t have context for the questions or a sense of  ‘What’s in it for me?’.

The answer is to transition the customer from ENGAGE  to DISCOVER through using an effective bridge which achieves the following:

  1. Informs you what they want to do – “Ask some questions and have a conversation with you”
  2. Reveals the benefit this will give you – “So together we can work out what will be the best solution”
  3. Seeks your agreement to participate – “How does that sound?”

Through effective management of expectations, we are far more likely to feel comfortable in participating in a discovery process that is designed to enable the right outcome for us. When done effectively, this will add to the trust and confidence that has already started to build.

As customers, when we are relaxed and trusting, we are far more likely to reveal deeper insight into what we want to achieve, which makes it far easier for the staff member to provide us with a personalised solution.