01 Engage
We all know that first impressions make a huge difference in any interaction. In addition, as customers, we basically want 2 core things with any customer experience:

  1. Our issue or need resolved efficiently…the first time
  2. The person needs to show that they give a damn…about us and NOT themselves.

So, the 1st Degree of Customer Experience is to ENGAGE the customer within the first 20-30 seconds. and show that YOU will make these happen.

Only then will the customer relax and trust you, so that a real conversation and solution is possible!

The quickest way to drive engagement is for staff to personalise the interaction through asking for, and then immediately referring to us by name. This is what happens in social situations when you meet people for the first time, so it’s a natural and familiar technique. Instantly, the interaction becomes less transactional and makes us feel more than just another customer.

So how do we know that a staff member has a clear desire to help?

In person, both their body language, eye contact and voice conveys this. Over the telephone, they only have their voice (what they say and how they say it) to convey EVERYTHING. For this reason, more definitive but natural statements need to be made compared to face-to-face, where 70% of our communication (i.e. body language) tools are available.

Regardless of phone or face-to-face communication, a clear desire to assist the customer can be achieved through both words and actions which convey a definitive and genuine commitment to resolve the issue. This is ownership.

We become engaged early in a sales or service interaction at the exact point when relief kicks in and replaces the initial anxiety we all feel based on our low expectations driven by previous poor experiences.

Every now and then we’re lucky enough to deal with ‘one of the good ones’. We feel this way because these staff are able to influence just the right emotional response in us which, to be honest, we weren’t expecting.