The 2nd Degree of Customer Experience

Who cares if a staff member is friendly and nice if they are unable to fix our issue or address our needs? The 2nd Degree of Customer Experience relates to the ability of staff to DISCOVER what we are striving to achieve, and is THE most important skill for them to master. Assumption [...]

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The 1st Degree of Customer Experience

We all know that first impressions make a huge difference in any interaction. In addition, as customers, we basically want 2 core things with any customer experience: Our issue or need resolved efficiently…the first time The person needs to show that they give a damn…about us and NOT themselves. So, the 1st Degree of [...]

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Call Centre Sales… Minus The Sales

No one's selling any more. Historically, consumers have been bombarded with sales pitches and aggressive sales tactics to try and get our business (think door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen that won't leave your house until you buy). In the call centre sales game it's been much the same. However, what we're finding lately through our call [...]

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The Coaching Manager

Five Degrees does a lot of work delivering coach-the-coach programs to management teams so they can better develop staff to be more effective in delivering great customer experiences. In essence, we support sales and service operations to develop strong coaching culture. With over 20 years experience both managing and coaching teams at the frontline of [...]

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