no wonder
Viewing things from a customer perspective is critical in order to tailor your service and communication approach to each individual. It enables us to put ourselves in their shoes and to recognise what is important to customers and we are better able to make it about the customer with a focus on their needs rather than our own.

The good news is, we are all customers, so we all have the answers about what we like and what we need within us. The hard part is that when we work within organisations, we naturally have an internal perspective on things and we quickly forget the customer’s perspective.


…because we spend most of our time having to deal with our internal operational requirements such as systems, product and process. We live and breathe this stuff every day as we need to be experts with these things in order to give the customer the information they require.

The challenge is that customers don’t care about such operational considerations as you do. Automatically, the psychology of the customer is different to that of the staff member, as for them this is their moment of truth, while for you it’s an everyday occurrence.

Their view of the organisation and the brand is dictated by what happens in that one single interaction, yet for the staff member it’s just another interaction of possibly many you’ve had that day.

No wonder most customer experiences are poor to average at best!

For everyone who deals with customers, the opportunity is there to differentiate yourselves through having a consistently strong customer orientation in both attitude and the way you strive to help give them what they need.